Green Beans

Hello folks, add your favorite green bean recipe or usage as a comment below. I’ll add a nice beany photo later. Thanks.

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  • Martha

    I lightly steam the beans and then crumble goat cheese over them so the cheese melts. Some fresh-snipped herbs are always tasty on top. Super simple but delicious.

  • Kathryn

    This is a homemade green bean casserole recipe I tried last year and the family really enjoyed it…I also brought it to a potluck with great success. We’re not big cream-soup folks, and this strikes a nice fresh tasting balance. I would decrease the mushrooms if you are not a mushroom loving family, and although I tried making the onions as the recipe notes, to me it took more time than the outcome was worth. One of my friends suggested purchasing the frozen Trader Joe’s Onion Rings to use on top; I’ll try that this week…perhaps a nice compromise. Eat well my friends!

  • We bundled our green beans in bacon and blogged about it here -

    Unplanned Cooking

  • Michelle

    We like this recipe from “Whole Foods for the Whole Family”: Heat 2 T oil in a havy skillet of wok. Add 4 C. green bean (trimmed, stemmed, cut in 1-2″ pieces). Stir-fy 2-3 mins or until bright green. Add 1/2 C. chicken or beef broth and 2 T. low sodium soy or tamari sauce. Garnish with almonds or sesame seed. works with broccoli and spinach as well. We serve over brown rice….Yum.

    We have an over abundance of cukes from our garden, so we like to blanch the green beans then chill them and toss them with slices cukes, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onions and a nice balsamic or lemon vinegarette. You can toss in some feta and olives and rosemary for a mediterranean feel or some gorganzola and chiffonade of basil for an Italian flavor. Again, Yum!

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