2010 Shares Sold Out

As of today, shares are sold out for the 2010 season. Thank you! We’ve been loving the warmer weather which has allowed us to get cranking on some projects around the farm. The main one right now is getting our new greenhouse built. We managed to get the posts and bows in the ground last fall before the ground froze, so now that the snow has disappeared we’re getting the rest of it assembled. We’re going to need the space in it soon, so hopefully the weather continues. Below is it’s current state today. In the background you can see the old greenhouse where the onions and shallots are up and growing nicely.

With the turn of the weather we had a rapid increase in birds around the farm. I had been listening for the sound of the first red-winged blackbirds all week last week, and then finally on Saturday they showed up en masse with about 60 of them in the maple tree in the front yard. You can see one of them posing from it’s new favorite perch on top of the new greenhouse. We followed that with a lovely Sunday where I counted about 40 Sandhill Cranes flying by, saw a few robins, and heard the first bluebirds. Yesterday while Jesse and I were working on the greenhouse we saw more sandhills, a couple of flocks of either tundra swans or snow geese, and had the first killdeers chasing each other around the skies.


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