Greenhouse cleanup

Next week, being the first week of March, is the traditional week to fire up the greenhouse here at Hog’s Back Farm. I’ve been in there this week cleaning up from last year and chiseling frozen potting mix into the tubs so that we’ll be able to make soil blocks next week. We’ve had some nice sunny weather lately which can make it nice and toasty in the greenhouse without any supplemental heat. Next week we’ll be seeding around 10,000 onions and shallots for the 2010 season. These will spend several days in our germination chamber where the temperature stays steady around 80° until they germinate. Then they’ll be taken out and placed on benches in the greenhouse.

We still have 10 shares available for the 2010 season, visit the signup page to claim your share of the onions and everything else. We will put up a post when shares are sold out, so if you don’t see a more recent post that says that then we still have shares available.

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