Garlic Aioli

Foolproof Hogs Back Egg aioli
For anyone squeemish about making fresh mayo- this version pasteurizes the egg and assures the mayo won’t break.  Also, you really need to use Hogs Back eggs or, at the very least, a local cage-free egg.  Using commercially produced ‘battery’ eggs is not an option.
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 Hogs Back egg yolks
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2-3/4  c olive oil

  1. In a medium metal bowl, whisk egg yolks until creamy, then, whisk (continously) over simmering water for about 1-2 minute until pale
  2. add lemon juice, and garlic, then, whisking, slowly add the oil in a stream
  3. whisk until thick-
  4. Alternatively, (and much quicker) in a food processor, add the eggs after whisking them over the water bath, then add juice, garlic and slowly drizzle the oil into the bowl while running.
  5. keeps 4-5 days in covered in fridge

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