Extra Produce. Read All About It.

One thing that I wanted to address this year before the season got going is how we at the farm make decisions about selling extra produce to our members. Last year I had a member ask how could something be ‘extra’ when we all paid for a share of the farm’s produce. It’s not an [...]

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2012 Shares Sold Out

We sold our last share on March 19th, so we are full up for the season. Thanks to everyone for the support! If you’re looking for another CSA farm try the directory published by Land Stewardship Project.

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2012 Shares Now Available

Visit our signup page to download the 2012 brochure and signup forms. As of today we have 17 spaces available for new members. When they’re gone they’re gone!

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2012 Shares available in a week

We should have shares for the 2012 season available right around February 6th. If you add your email to the list on our homepage I’ll make sure you get an email when they’re available.

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A few field photos

I meant to post a few field photos with last week’s post, but didn’t get around to it, so here they are now. 1st round of lettuce transplants in the field, freshly weeded and mulched garlic, and 10,000 little onion plants. Hoping for some real rain this weekend, last weekend only amounted to 0.3″ here [...]

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The (outdoor) planting begins

A warmer than usual March has led into a warm April so things around here are hopping. Looking at the trees and plants makes me think that we’re about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule with the spring. We had our first meal of ramps last weekend and they were already plenty large, by [...]

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April update

Our mild, dry spring has continued the last couple of weeks which has made it optimal conditions for getting things done as we prepare for the farm season. We did finally manage to get the cover on the new greenhouse, after our first attempt failed. Last week we also got all the electrical worked out [...]

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Shares available from Rusty Hoe

I started my farming career by working for a number of other talented farmers and learning the craft from them. Now that I’ve been doing it for 12 years or so, I find that helping other people interested in farming is one of the most rewarding things about my job. To that end this year [...]

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2010 Shares Sold Out

As of today, shares are sold out for the 2010 season. Thank you! We’ve been loving the warmer weather which has allowed us to get cranking on some projects around the farm. The main one right now is getting our new greenhouse built. We managed to get the posts and bows in the ground last [...]

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Auto Payment Forms

Hello folks,
If you’re signing up now and want to use the automatic payment form, just ignore the fact that it says the first payment will come out the first of March since that date has passed. We’ll just take the payments out beginning with April 1st and continuing until July 1st. Or, if you want [...]

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