Welcome to Hog’s Back Farm

Shares will be available for the 2017 season in January. Please send us your email and we will let you know when shares are available.

Hog's Back Farm is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, where members purchase a share of vegetables and, each week during the farm season, receive a bountiful box of fresh produce straight from the fields. We pride ourselves on producing fresh, clean, healthful food picked at the peak of flavor and nutrition. Our farm is Certified Organic by MOSA so you can rest assured that we grow your food without the use of any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We use cover crops, rotations, compost and ingenuity to produce your food in a way that's healthier for you and healthier for our community.

When you join Hog's Back Farm you become a part of our community, and can get as involved as you like. Simply pick up your share and read the weekly newsletter, come and visit the farm and help out on one of our field days, or volunteer to be on our steering committee. We're excited about the coming season and look forward to growing a great experience for your family this year.

There are more options for your local food dollars than there have ever been. We are all making a difference when we vote with our food dollars. Why should you support us here at Hog's Back Farm?

Shares for 2017 will be available in January. If you're already a member you can check the status of your membership below by clicking on the link to update your membership. You can also click on Newsletters to receive our weekly in-season newsletter in your email even if you're not a member.

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